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We repair and regenerate gearboxes of all cars. We are not limited to one car brand. Nothing is impossible for us.

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Gearbox repair

Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to provide our clients with the highest quality of services. Our offer is a comprehensive repair of gearboxes: manual, automatic and semi-automatic, as well as regeneration of clutches .

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Regeneration and renovation

Our experienced mechanics, represented by the highest precision in gearbox mechanics , will also be happy to recondition your gearbox. We have many years of experience, and our mechanics have already repaired several hundred gearboxes in their career.

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Purchase and sale

Our offer includes remanufactured gearboxes in service quality in a large selection. The quality of the gearboxes we sell and their proper selection is a priority in contact with our customers.

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Ger-Box has years of experience and many experts in gearboxes

We are a modern and professional company with many years of tradition and experience in repair, sale and regeneration of gearboxes . We have appropriate technical facilities that enable us individual and professional assistance to damaged gearbox . Our presence on the market for several years has shaped our individual approach to each client, so you can be sure that we will perfectly take care of your damaged gearbox .

Our mechanics, whose characterized by high precision and experience in gearbox mechanics fantastic. Many of our mechanics have repaired several hundred gearboxes in their careers. We are able to recognize any, even extremely unusual, damage to gearboxes. We have worked out methods to extend the service life of gearboxes *. Regenerated by us gearboxes have a 2-year warranty UNLIMITED kilometers.


Guarantee of the highest quality

The high level of trust enjoyed by our products among recipients obliges us to take extraordinary care of the quality of our services. The current success, ending a long certification process, is the result of consistent care to maintain the highest quality standards!


Manual gearboxes

Manual gearboxes

Automatic gearboxes

Automatic gearboxes

Regeneration and repair

Regeneration and repair

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17 September 2021

Skrzynie biegów – naprawa, regeneracja, skup i sprzedaż. Trójmiasto – Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot. Ger-Box!

Naprawimy, doradzimy. Kompleksowo zajmiemy się Twoją skrzynią biegów. Nie ma rzeczy, które mogą nas zaskoczyć. Od wielu lat zajmujemy się profesjonalną regeneracją i naprawą skrzyń biegowych.

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