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Manual gearboxes

Manualne skrzynie biegów to nasz chleb powszedni. Znamy się na tym naprawdę dobrze, dlatego każda naprawa w Ger-Box jest skuteczna.

Manual gearboxes

Automatic gearboxes

We also deal with all types of automatic gearboxes. We will diagnose, repair and advise on all related matters.

ServicesManualne skrzynie biegów

Regeneration and repair

All types of gearboxes. With remarkable precision and full professionalism, we will undertake the regeneration and repair of every gearbox.

Manual gearboxes

Gearbox not working as it should? Call us!

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We repair and regenerate manual and automatic gearboxes

In our company, Ger-Box, we provide services in the field of repair and regeneration of gearboxes throughout the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Our services are most often used by local customers from the vicinity of Gdańsk or Pruszcz Gdański. As part of the services provided, we repair and regenerate all gearboxes, both automatic and manual.

Our company has many years of experience in repairing not only the gearbox, but also many other car components. We take care of the very good quality of gearbox repairs, preceded by appropriate diagnostics. We have the equipment, as well as extensive knowledge and skills of our specialists, which allow to restore the efficiency of various types of these important elements of vehicles in automatic, semi-automatic or manual versions.